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March 12, 2019

A new article in Prétorien #50

  • Gallien, l'empire et le chaos (illustrated by Serge Baudouard and Igor Dzis)

February 27, 2019

A new article in Vae Victis #144

  • Apocalypse ine the East ? (ATO Magazine), comment sauver Constantinople ?

February 7, 2019

Three new articles in Guerres & Histoire #47

  • Pourquoi la légion brise la phalange ? (illustrated by Giuseppe Rava)
  • Cynoscéphales, le choc exemplaire (illustrated by Johnny Shumate)
  • Un héritage militaire à l'ombre d'Alexandre

January 15, 2019

Release of Issy 1815 Jours de Gloire series, in the C3i magazine #32

Video presentation of C3i #32, by Mark Herman: